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I’m building a set of rules. Hopefully they will take some of the pressure off and make it easier to post.

Here is what I have so far:

The Rules.

1. Spend no more than three weeks in one town/city/metropolitan area without four days away.

2. Trains/cars/airplanes can only be used in an emergency, going to London or when taking a trip home for the holidays or equivalent. Even if I end up staying in a city for a long period and get a job.

3. Starting the week Jan 01 2011, I will post a new destination every week. The destination doesn’t have to be in detail but must include two attractions worth visiting. (Larger cities may have multiple posts.)

4. Once there I will post a minimum of three posts each week with different sites/attractions I have visited.

5. Everything I use will fit either on my bike or on a bike trailer with the exception of Hostiles. (they might be hard to pack)

6. After the first three weeks no more than four consecutive nights under a roof ie. a motel, a hostel or a friend’s house. That means I need to sleep in a tent at least once every five days. Even if working in a city for an extended period and my friend’s back yard doesn’t count.

7. Follow rules the readers of this blog vote for as long as I Stay safe and  have the time of my life. The above rules can be amended but must keep constraints in tact. For example number six can not be changed so I need to sleep in a tent every night, or only once a month.

–Note number seven is not in effect however it is the only one I can not change but the rest of these rules are still subject to change by my will and will be until I reach 2000 readers/ followers at which time number seven will take effect, this post will become a page and GOD HELP ME.