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Zagreb, CroatiaView of the capital city of Croatia. 

Zagreb is a great city to start with because though I’m sure I memorized it as the capital of Croatia in 9th grade world geography before making the example of what a portion of my travel may look like in my post The Plan I had not heard of it (I replaced it with Istanbul). A beautiful city with many museums and theatres it is a significant tourist center for Germanic Europe. Located at the crossroads of the northern Balkan peninsula it is a city that dates to 300 bc. Zagreb will be one of my first places I will spend time after having spent the winter on the southern tip of the peninsula.

Still chilly in late February Zagrebdox is a documentary film festival that attracts 10’s of thousands of visitors and may be worth bearing the cold (2-6.2 degrees Celsius or 35-43 degrees Fahrenheit) for, for a few days.

The Grounded Sun and the Nine Views is an art installation in the city, a scaled version of the solar system the sun is 2 meters across. The Nine Views are situated around the city, created beforePluto’s down grade diameter of the installation is more than 10 miles. Many of the sites are off the main tourist path so visiting them would give me a good glimpse at what the actual city looks like instead of just the hot tourist spots.

Another place I’d like to visit in Zagreb is the beautiful Marshal Tito Square. Once named after the former US president Woodrow Wilson the square was built in the later half of the 19th century and has undergone several makeovers and name changes. When I get there it might not be the Marshal Tito Square any more as lobbyists are currently petitioning to have it changed again. It features the National theatre at it’s center, several sculptures throughout the grounds and is bordered by a few museums and several buildings housing other educational institutions.

Being a city I don’t remember hearing about before the other day Zagreb was a great launching point for my blog. It is a gorgeous city with many museums and tourist attractions. And who knows if I can make that film fest maybe I can summit something.