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Ljubljana, another city I memorized in high school is the capital of Slovenia. Known for its architecture, art, history and shopping. The city has been largely destroyed several times due to earthquakes and is a mixture of Baroque and Vienna secessionist style.

The path of Remembrance and Comradeship is a path that duplicates the perimeter of the city the Italians and Germans attempted to blockade during WWII.Ljubljanawas liberated on May 9, 1945. The path’s construction was finished in 1985 and every year since 1957 there is a march along the path. A badge and medal are given to people who walk the entire route and collect stamps from all eight check points.

Several of Ljubljana’s main attractions are bridges, The Dragon Bridge,Triple Bridge, Cobblers bridge and Butchers bridge are all noted for their beautiful sculptures. Cobblers bridge has weekly flea-markets and the middle of the three bridges in Triple Bridge dates to 1842.

Triple bridge and adds to the highlight of the city, Preseren Square. Named after the Poet Franc Preseren it has the gorgeous pink Franciscan Church of Annunciation which had three trees planted in order to shield it from the statue which has a topless muse sitting above Preseren. The square has a miniature replica of the city and is located at the end of Cop Street one of the major shopping areas of the city.

Cross Triple Bridge turn left and your in Vodnik square or the Ljubljana Center Market. A building that spans the few blocks to the Dragon Bridge. The building houses butcher shops and bakeries while the square is a farmers market.

A few other sites that are a must see are the Ljubljana Castle, Tivoli Park and the Q Culture Centre. Yep Q as in Queer. The Q culture centre was opened in 2009 celebrating the 25 yr LGBTIQ movement with in the city. It is noted in one of the sites I found that the city is not the most friendly though. So I should be sure to either have an escort or be very careful after dark.

I need to start spending time looking at hostels and other places to stay like camp grounds.