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Unity of Italy Square

Piazza Unità d'Italia (Unity of Italy Square). The cities main square located by the sea. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Daniele1357_4581_-1-500.jpg

Trieste is an old city with history but little of it interested me. Still it will probably be a place for me to stop, as long as it is not too far out of my way. The city has ruins that date to Roman times but was not a city until much later. Some of the pictures of the city are beautiful. Which is what attracted me to the city.

According to a few sites I found the city used to have a huge tourist economy, but with other cities growing popularity Trieste is all but forgotten. I wonder if it is related to their lack of an online presence. (I spent more time researching this city than I did Ljubljana and despite being of relatively the same size I found a lot less.)

Trieste Cathedral was originally built in 7th century but was destroyed sometime between 900 and 1100 it was rebuilt into two Basilicas that were connected into one cathedral again in the 15th century. it is considered the most beautiful church in the city and a must see. Part of the mosaic floor of the original building still exists and is integrated with the current floor.

Other cool old attractions to see are the Augustan gate built in 33 ad and a theatre which dates to prehistoric times but the Romans constructed a building around it in 33-34 bc. The city has no apparent LGBT life, the only mention I could find was a website from the university talking about how nonexistent the gay community is in the city. The site also said that the city is open minded. It has been a long time since a reported discrimination.

I spent a little time looking for places to stay, the B&B Adria is a bed and breakfast hostel where a person can share a room for 28 Euro, and get a free breakfast. They also have a restaurant and is only a few minute walk from the cities extensive public transit system which was talked about more on WIKI than anything else. (okay not true but it felt like it.)

The city also has several botanical gardens but they are all in disrepair (have been for years) and only small sections of them are open to the public. A travel guide talked about several museums that might be worth checking out and I saw some stuff on a few castles that would be cool but I’m not going to try too hard to check out this city.