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Here is my first post on Vienna: Vienna, Austria #1

Pride parade with over 100,000 people

I forgot to post a picture of the gay pride parade, last week. However while looking  I found www.patroc.com they didn’t have a good picture but they had more information on the prominent gay people I mentioned last week. The earliest recognized one is Prince Eugene, he built the Belvedere. Two centuries later in the late nineteenth and early twentieth The emperor’s brother the Archduke Ludwig Viktor was on the trans spectrum. He was openly gay and like to where women’s clothes in the court. His brother reportedly didn’t like it very much.

Vienna is not only the capitol of Austria but also of Coffee according to www.wien.info. Coffee shops and roasting houses are all over the city and an important part of the culture. I’m going to need to eat and drink so considering these coffee shops are supposed to be cheaper than a restaurant I will probably eat in a lot of them. 🙂 in addition to small roasting houses where a person can get the freshest coffee the city is packed with small vineyards, with in the city limits. There are also taverns that explicitly sell local wines. But because I don’t really drink any more hopefully I can experience this part of their culture with no more than a sip hear and there.

The City Park sits between the city center and the third district. Its design is to give pedestrians the impression of entering different parks depending on where they enter. It also features the Johann Strauss Monument.

Close to the Hofburg and the Opera House is the Burggarten  a garden or park built in the early nineteenth century. It has statues of Mozart, Goethe and the Emperor Franz Joseph I. It also has a butterfly house which has hundreds of butterflies suspended in air for people to walk through.

Hofburg in Wien

Hofburg Palace Neue Burg wing

The of Hofburg Palace is the official residence of the president and has been the winter house of  choice for emperors since its original construction in the late thirteenth century. The palace is constructed out of twelve additions or wings and include a stable, the parliament, a library, a chapel, a few museums, the national theatre, the treasury and a ceremonial/ convention hall which can be used to entertain 4900 people among other things. This place is huge and has a statue of Prince Eugene outside the Neue Burg wing.

I had a little bit harder time writing this one than I did last week, I don’t think there is a shortage of places or customs to talk about I just had a hard time finding the information I was looking for. Like what to eat other than a few deserts made from coffee or what are the good souvenirs to get for people. I want to do at least one more post on this city.