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A few weeks ago I said I’d go for a ride by the end of the week. Well I didn’t know it was going to be the coldest days of the year. I discovered my bike had a flat so riding became very difficult and I waited until Saturday. I ended up taking the bus to Walmart to get a few things. “It’s a little cold for that thing.” the bus driver said as I boarded. But I wasn’t planning on riding across town.
After finishing my shopping I had the same driver drop me of at Kwik trip, the closest fuel station to my home with an air hose and before taking the valve stem cover off I regretted getting of the bus. I put a little air in the rear tire didn’t check the front, but jumped on and down the street I went. The pain from my surgery was nonexistent but the cold was unbearable. I wasn’t wearing a scarf or the right gloves and still haven’t regained feeling in my smallest phalanges (God I love that word). It was about a mile and a half ride that included a trip down one of our cities largest hills, stadium road. Lucky someone else was entering our building as i pulled up he was gentlemanly and held the door as I rode into the entryway. Maybe he just thought I was crazy for going for a bike ride when it was 20 below zero before the wind chill was factored.
I haven’t ridden since because I’m terrified of the cold but within a month it will begin to warm and should stay above 0. So I’ll shoot for more regular rides at that time.