I’ve been a little obsessed about a few posts on my other blog cjmyer. I’ve been increasing my biking everyday but posting here has been hard. A few weeks ago I made up a list of cities, a way of riding from one place to another, a day ride then a stop in a community, I was going to figure out how to find camping in each area, find out where I can stay at hostels for a warm shower and soft bed before long rides. Basically planning a two week trip that would take me across Germany and farther. Planning about 60 miles per day. But in the middle of working on all that my roommate began in on his crap, and then my posts on socializing became really important. I’m constantly thinking of this, having trouble working in my apartment I’m can’t find the time to write here..

I’ve got a couple of things that will be written and posted in the next few days to a week.