Las Cruces, New Mexico, United States of America.

Okay so this isn’t a part of Europe, nor did we even bring bikes, but a friend called me up one Friday and said he was driving to New Mexico and I should join him. I packed a bag and after he crashed at my place for the night we jumped in the car and took off. Sunday afternoon we arrived exhausted from 25 hours of driving. We ate at only local establishments, stayed in a locally owned, managed and run motel, the town lacks a night life but has a large State University lots of hiking area and a decent public transportation system. Only there for a few days we wanted to do as many things as possible and certainly packed in a lot.

Dripping springs was one of three areas we went hiking in the mountains. In all it was a nice place but we were not allowed to take the dog with us and so had to return after dropping the dog off. Getting there kind of late on the second day we were pretty quick to walk through the trail, there are mountain lions that will and have attacked. warned that the park was closing, and the sun was coming down we walked the 2.5 miles up the mountain that climbed a couple thousand feet above the parking area and back in only an hour and a half. The trail was groomed, possibly for the emergency vehicles that were parked near the office so despite the steep incline the walk was pretty easy. at the end of the trail there were some ruins and a small dam that used to supply water to the mountain camp and sanitarium, no longer working, that was on the trail.

Soledad Cannon was one of the other places we went hiking. Pet friendly it was also a part of the mountains that surrounded the city. The shortest trail we were on it was possibly also the most beautiful. it provided the best view of the city, had a ruined house and when we crossed one of the dry river beds there were dozens of monarch butterflies. The dog had a great time and we climbed one of the smaller peaks to get a better view. This place was awesome and definitely a place to return to multiple times if your in the area long enough.

La Posta de Messa one of the better meals we recieved while on our trip La posta de Messa is a restaurant located inside an old post office in the city of Messila, a twin city to Las Cruces. recommended by the motel staff, this place did not disappoint. The food was great, we took home left overs and my vegan friend was shown at least five things on the menu to choose from. We had to wait nearly a half hour to get a seat, but got to enjoy the 30+ year old parrots in the entry way. There was also had fish, and a nice bar to sit at but we just waited for the table.

Le Rendez-vous Cafe the only place we ate at that did not primarily serve hispanic food. Le Rendez-vous Cafe was a nice little french style bakery and coffee shop we ate breakfast at our last morning in town. We both enjoyed a great little breakfast with freshly made croissants and had a conversation with another fellow sitting in the next table over. I would totally go there again if ever in town. 

Fountain Theater located near La Posta Fountain Theater is a local theater that has been in operation since the late 19th century, it had a stage that is occasionally used by local acting troups, and schools for plays. but we attended a showing of a French, Persian film called ‘The Past’ it had English subtitles and was a great movie.

We were only there for 2 full days, but they were full days where we hardly stopped moving and we had a blast. My dog slept for days after returning, from all the hikes and I’ve wanted to move to New Mexico ever since. I will make another post about the other place we went hiking at, the Pecan Brewery and a few of the other things we did in town. It was a good few day trip to warm dry weather and a little exercise.