Las Cruces, New Mexico, United States of America

America’s Best Value Inn- It was/is locally owned and a great place to stay. It was kind of far from almost everything we did, but it is a pretty big city and it was reasonably priced. In addition to the service the staff was helpful and pointed out some of the best things we did while there. The place was clean and they allow dogs have free breakfast, my vegan friend couldn’t eat, large TV’s, that for us were only turned on when we left the dog in the room by her self, mini fridges and a pool. I had to walk down to the office to get a hair dryer, which was inconvenient but, considering the price it was well worth it and thankfully I looked before jumping in the shower.  The also claim the worlds largest Chili pepper, which they said was made from 70,000 tons of concrete and sitting between the two major parts of the parking lot it is 21 feet long. In the court yard the balcony in front of our room overlooked there was a Koi pond, a nice garden and the pool. I will most definitely stay there again if I’m ever back in the area.

Pancake Alley Diner was one of three restaurants close to the Big Chili Inn we ate at. The other Le Rendez-vous Cafe I already wrote about in Part 1 which was absolutely amazing. I love pancakes and when we pulled into the lot and saw it next door, my first words were we are going there tomorrow morning. I ordered Buttermilk and ate them with maple, superb. But what I thought was most impressive and worth mentioning was that it was one of a few places we ate that my vegan friend had no trouble getting food. There was not even an explanation of what veganism is required, the waitress simply said she had a friend and that he could order the from three items on the breakfast menu. We were going to go back the next morning but they were closed so we drove across town and food had to get sent back three times because it kept coming out with cheese or bacon or… Pancake Alley was great.

Pecan Beer from Brewery in Las Cruces New Mexico

De La Vega’s Pecan Beer

De La Vega’s Pecan Grill and Brewery- Is the most expensive place my friend and I ate, We both ordered some among the cheapest things on the menu and still paid about 30 dollars a piece. I had a steak and he had pasta with vegetables and of course beer we both had beer, I had two he had one, but he bought a six-pack of their signature beer to take home with us. I was disappointed about not being able to buy a beer stein or glass, I have a small collection. But the beer had a 5.4% ACC, and with a full day of hiking at two separate places, and another mile walk to a restaurant near the motel for lunch, and consequently being a little dehydrated I was buzzing before finishing half of my first beer. The nutty flavor of pecans, went well with the light taste of hops and beer just poured down the throat like few beers I’ve experienced. It might have even dethroned New Castle’s nut-brown as my favorite but I’d have to drink it again to be sure. The steak was one of one you never want to end and we were both happy about the evening.

The trip to Las Cruces New Mexico was amazing. I was skeptical of posting it because we didn’t bring bikes, and it was not in Europe but it was a great time, I figured it would be good practice for me and readers and I would get to experience what my actual travel writing will be like.