A touring bike should incorporate many features most bike really don’t need. they should be light, so you can carry more things, easy to work on so if there are problems in the middle of nowhere it can be fixed, have lots of places for storage it must be strong reliable and roll really easy.

Recently the non-profit bike shop I volunteer at helped me to get an old school Trek, I still have not been able to narrow down the exact age of it, they didn’t use serial numbers back then, the stickers are long gone and the model numbers are not stamped anywhere.

What I do know is that this bike a very large road bike would be far superior on a tour than my other bike. I’ve already taken it on a few longer rides for rides in the community, The River Valley 100 and the Mankato River Ramble, 100 km or 63 miles and 50 miles respectively. This bike Dominated even on gravel.